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Whew! Man, this summer is a scorcher! Sometimes we need something ice cold, flavorful, and tasty to help subdue the heat that’s dragging us down. Heads up Wakham & McMurphy orthodontic patients! Check out our ice cold cabinet that we have for the summer time. Ask Dr. Wakham, Dr. McMurphy, or any of their most wonderful and caring staff if you need a flavorful tasty item for your sore teeth next time you come to see us. Hope everybody is having a great summer, getting plenty of rest, and watching lots of Netflix. We’ll see you soon at your next appointment.


Dr. Brice McMurphy, a Biloxi native, will be acquiring Wakham Orthodontics and joining our team in August! You’ll soon be seeing his smiling face and enthusiastic personality in both Biloxi and Ocean Springs offices. 

Dr. McMurphy, alongside Dr. Dean Wakham, will continue creating beautiful smiles along our Mississippi Gulf Coast as Wakham & McMurphy Orthodontics!! 

What are we doing? We took a few hours away from treating our patients today for basic CPR recertification. Yes, orthodontic offices need to be prepared. We refreshed our skills on how to handle the ABCs (airway, breathing, and circulation) of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). It was a fun morning and a good continuing education course. We are all better prepared to handle an unexpected cardiac emergency!

We hope all of the students at Our Lady of Fatima Elementary School will enjoy the freeze pops donated by Wakham & McMurphy Orthodontics & have a fun-filled day attending your Field Day today.

Two handsome guys. Father (Johnny) and son (Jacob). Jacob just finished orthodontic treatment and Johnny finished orthodontic treatment last year. Both guys were great patients. Smiles for a lifetime!

Congrats to our patient, Giovanni, on his first place school invention project win, Brace Space.

Krewe of Wakham & McMurphy Orthodontics!

What a happy smile! Lindsay is now brace free.


Our Wakham & McMurphy Orthodontic team is cheering on the SAINTS to win this Sunday!


Wow! What a beautiful smile!

Congrats Aryal on getting your braces removed.

Having a fun time with Brylee & her brother, Brennan.

Brylee's braces were just removed. She's celebrating by taking a selfie with Dr. Wakham.

What a beautiful smile!

It's TRICK or TREAT time!

No tricks here. Just BOO-tiful smiles!

Happy Halloween from all of us at

Wakham & McMurphy Orthodontics.

The staff at Wakham & McMurphy Orthodontics would like to shout out HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dr. Wakham.

He says he's 49 again & counting backwards! :)

Stronger together!

Jill got her braces!

Jack has a new look...BRACES!

He was a super patient today.

Hurray Annie! You are finally free from braces.

We are proud of you! Beautiful smile!

What a beautiful smile!

Lauren is now brace free!

Breanna's big day!  Here are pics of her with braces & after having her braces removed. Beautiful smile!


Friends get braces on same day.

A day they'll always remember!

Yay!  Katie got her braces removed today!

Look who stopped by our office today...

Mr. Incredible!

What a special day!

Madalyn with her mom & Andrea celebrating the removal of her braces.

Beautiful smile!

Callie is brace free!  Beautiful smile!

During the month of February, we will have a daily drawing for a chance to win an Oral B + Crest Pro-health System. This kits includes an Oral B Genius electric toothbrush. This drawing is for all of our patients. Be sure to enter our drawing.

Blake with her younger sister in our Ocean Springs office.

Two sweet girls!

What a smile!  Kyleigh got her braces!

Avery is all smiles after having her braces put on. :)We would like to shout out a THANK YOU to Braylon's dad for his military service. We appreciate you.

And....we love Braylon's t-shirt!

Congrats to Wyatt!

He's the winner of an Oral B Genius toothbrush!

Proud to stand with a soldier.

Anthony has been an awesome patient!  We had the pleasure of taking his braces off before he deploys for another mission. Wishing Anthony safe travel and success on his next mission.

Special Announcement for our Patients in High School 

It is a pleasure that we have Sunna Savani as a patient in our orthodontic practice. She is currently a sophomore at University of Alabama at Birmingham.  Sunna is a high achiever and has a record of superior performance in her education and in scoring exceptionally well on the ACT.  Sunna scored a perfect 36.  I asked Sunna if she could share her knowledge and her study techniques on how to do your best on the ACT.  She has accepted our invitation to share her wisdom with our patients that are high school students.  Sunna will give a presentation on Saturday, December 16, 2017 at our Biloxi office from   10 am to 1 pm for our patients in high school. 

Please let us know as soon as possible and at least one week prior to Saturday, December 16, 2017, if you are interested in this ACT review session, so we can reserve a seat for you. There is no charge for this presentation and I’m sure it will be very informative.  Refreshments will be provided.


Dr. Wakham

Kaylee & Austin, our brother and sister patients, both got their braces off at the same time! Congrats!!!

Congrats to Kira! She is the winner of our Summer Drawing!!

What a beautiful smile!

Congrats to Erin for having her braces removed!!  :)

Congrats, Jordyn!

Time to boot scoot boogie!!

Amanda is the WINNER of our Biloxi office drawing! She won tickets to the Florida Georgia Line 2017 Dig Your Roots concert this Thursday at the MS Coast Colesium!!

Look at that smile!. Way to go, Micah!

Congrats, Xzavier! 

Enjoy your new smile!

WoooooHoooooo!  Victoria is the winner of our Ocean Springs office drawing. She won an Olive Garden gift card. Yum!

Congrats to Elizabeth!

Elizabeth won our drawing...a $100

iTunes gift card!

Wishing you & yours a Merry Christmas and

a Happy New Year!

Cam showing off his new braces!

Check out our Facebook page for hints on our upcoming SURPRISE drawing!

We are thrilled with the artwork that the Ocean Springs High School Art Department painted for our office.  Students painted on ceiling tiles that we put up throughout the office.  The artwork creates such a fun festive holiday spirit. 

Thanks to all of the art students!

Way to go, Diana! She is the winner of our drawing. Enjoy your iTunes gift card!

Happy Halloween from Alvin & the Chipmunks!

Wishing everyone a safe & fun trick-or-treating tonight.


Cayton having his braces placed today by his Aunt Tricia while his mom & gmom look on. His Aunt Tricia said he was a super patient!

It’s our month to celebrate! The month of October is National Orthodontic Health Month. We feel very blessed to work in this wonderful profession and we send a special thank you to all of the patients we have had the opportunity to make “SMILE” since we’ve been in business. Help us celebrate this month by telling any of your friends or family who could benefit from orthodontic treatment to come in for an evaluation, and be sure they tell us that you sent them. Happy NOHM!


Hannah showing off her beautiful smile after her braces were removed!

We would like to welcome Maggie to our office. She will be working with us this summer. She is already working hard and is a great help to our patients and team. Way to go Maggie!

Pierson will be competing in a nationals dance competition in Atlanta.

Good luck PIERSON!

Congrats to Theresa!! 

Chelsea is the winner of our Christmas Drawing!

She won two professional rotary toothbrushes, which surely will come in handy while she's wearing braces.

Congrats, Chelsea & Merry Christmas from all of us at Wakham & McMurphy Orthodontics!

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Our receptionist bringing Christmas cheer to the office by sprucing up the poinsettias. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

IMG 2046

Halloween at Hiller Park was a huge success.

Andrea set up a booth with the help of Dr. Wakham & Maggie. Such a fun night!

IMG 1970

Congrats to Lolita! Her braces were removed today!!  Enjoy your new smile!


Come join in the fun & stop by our booth this Friday night! Trick-or-treat!

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Happy Halloween from Wakham & McMurphy Orthodontics!

Have fun & be safe trick-or-treating!

Halloween1 Halloween2


Staff lunch at The Reef on the beach.

Delicious food, beautiful view, fun time!

The Reef lunch

We were HOUNDED at our Ocean Springs office by the OSHS Dance Team!

Hounded Hounded staff

This puts a smile on our faces!

To Wakham Orthodontics,

Thank you so much for the bags that you provided for our motherhood class in Haiti. These ladies all attended 4 days of class with the topics covered including pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and baby care. Upon completion of the class each of the ladies were presented with a gift that included stuff for babies. These gifts were presented in the Wakham Orthodontic bag that they will be able to use as a diaper bag.

Thank you again for your donation,

Rhonda Smith
FBC Gulfport working with
But God Ministries



We would like to say THANK YOU to one of our sweetest & most talented patients, Val. Here she is giving Dr. Wakham a dream catcher that she created to hang in our Ocean Springs office. Thanks, Val.


Delaney is the WINNER of our office drawing.

She won four tickets to an upcoming Shuckers game!

Enjoy the game, Delaney! Go Shuckers!

Chloe Simar

Chloe looking so fashionable wearing her Wakham & McMurphy Orthodontics t-shirt. We love our patients!

Caroline Webb

Caroline's big day!! Braces off!!! Congrats, Caroline!

100 1614

Congrats to Sherry! Today she celebrates 18 years of employment with Wakham & McMurphy Orthodontics!

Thanks for all that you do, Sherry!!!

Andrea 10 yrs

Congrats goes our to Andrea!!!

She is celebrating 10 years of employment with Wakham & McMurphy Orthodontics!!

Thanks for all you do, Andrea!!

IMG 1364 IMG 1365

We are now offering "Walk Over" for our patients attending Ocean Springs Middle School. Please sign up at our front desk in you are interested in this courtesy service.


Congrats to Jessica!! She is the WINNER of our Christmas Drawing!!


Congrats to Felicity!! She got her braces off today!!!

Felicity Kleitz-Singleton

Wishing everyone a safe Halloween!



The lifetime risk of getting breast cancer is 1 in 8. Although it’s the second leading cause of cancer death for American women, its death rate is much lower (1 in 28) thanks to early detection. Early detection is crucial to catching the cancer, treatment and survival. We support the efforts of all those involved in research and prevention. Wear pink this month as much as possible to help bring awareness to this important cause!


It’s our month to celebrate! The month of October is National Orthodontic Health Month. We feel very blessed to work in this wonderful profession and we send a special thank you to all of the patients we have had the opportunity to make “SMILE” since we’ve been in business. Help us celebrate this month by telling any of your friends or family who could benefit from orthodontic treatment to come in for an evaluation, and be sure they tell us that you sent them. Happy NOHM!

Hannah relaxing in our new Breast Cancer Awareness chair!!

Pink it is!!

Hannah Pink Chair

Congrats to Olivia!! She is the winner of our Biloxi office ONE DIRECTION CONCERT contest.

Alex Bublik cupcakes

Alex & her mom brought us a box of yummy cupcakes!! So sweet of ya'll. THANKS!!! :)

Sandra Picard

Congrats to Sandra!! She is the winner of our Ocean Springs office ONE DIRECTION CONCERT contest!! Have fun at the concert!


Ahhh July - warm weather, no school, vacations, and all things summer! Be sure to check out our Facebook page this month for wacky holidays, brainteasers, rebus puzzles, and things that make you smile! Now here are just a few facts you might not know about the month of July: July’s birthstone is the ruby, which means love, passion, integrity and promise. July’s birth flower is the larkspur or water lily. Wishing you a great month of July!

Soccer 1 Soccer 2 Soccer 3

Rosemary Poukner

Parents really know how to make us happy!! Delicious treats!

Thank you!!!!

Sailor Suarez

CONGRATS to Sailor. Her braces were removed today!!!


Let schools end and vacations begin! We hope June is the beginning to a great summer break for all of you. Check your FB daily during June for funny holidays, great cartoons & videos, puzzles and more to keep your month jumping! Now here are just a few facts you might not know about the month of June: June’s birthstone is the pearl, which means modesty, purity and happiness. June’s birth flower is the rose, which is known for its fragrance and beauty. The rose has been associated with the goddesses of love, Aphrodite and Venus. Happy June!

Miya Audo

Our sweet patient, Miya, cheesing for the camera!

National Teacher Appreciation Week

“A truly special teacher is very wise, and sees tomorrow in every child's eyes.” ~ Author Unknown. This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week and tomorrow is National Teacher Appreciation Day! We hope you will take this opportunity to say a special thank you to your teachers, both current and past. A gift is nice, but a simple Thank You can mean the world to someone who has dedicated their lives to making sure you succeed. Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week!

Today we are thinking of and wishing good luck to those determined people who will run in the Boston Marathon. What a wonderful tribute to the people who were injured or lost their lives in the terrible Boston Marathon bombing of 2013. Boston Strong!

Boston Strong1

Monica Gee 005

Thanks Monica for being such a great patient.

It is National Staying Healthy Month!! No matter what your age or fitness level, join in during the Staying Healthy Month of January. Let's all promise to be better at one or several areas of our lives. Start small with making changes to... eating better meals or getting more physical activity daily. Sign up to take a yoga class or try a new sport. Take extra time at the grocery store to read labels for nutritional value. The possibilities are endless for ways to celebrate this holiday. Happy Staying Healthy Month!

National Staying Healthy Month


And the winner of our pumpkin coloring contest is TRENT FEDELE!!!!

C O N G R A T S to Trent!!! Great job!!!

November is a special month to count your blessings, and we certainly consider you a great blessing to our orthodontic family! We want to make your November more fun on Facebook. So be sure to check out our daily posts. Let’s start with a few interesting facts that you might not know about the month of November. November’s birthstone is the topaz. Topaz can come in a variety of colors and rare topaz can be mistaken for a diamond, which is quite expensive. The topaz symbolizes loyalty, friendship, and faithfulness. The birth flower this month is the chrysanthemum or “mum” for short; it comes in a variety of shades of yellow, pink, red and white. Symbolizing love and friendship. Happy November everyone!


Minions at work!! Abby Graham just got her braces removed!

WoooooHooooo! CONGRATS to Abby!!

alt alt

Minions at work. Happy Halloween!


Wakham's minions working on a plan to make beautiful smiles today! Happy Halloween to everyone & safe trick or treating!

alt alt

Mole Day was created as a way to foster interest in chemistry. Schools around the world will celebrate today with various activities. The day commemorates Avogadro’s Number (6.02 x 1023), which is a basic measuring unit in chemistry. For a given molecule, one mole is a mass (in grams) whose number is equal to the atomic mass of the molecule. Feeling smarter yet?

Happy Mole Day!


One evening during a violent thunderstorm a mother was tucking her son into bed. She was about to turn off the light when he asked with a tremor in his voice, 'Mommy, will you sleep with me tonight?' The mother smiled and gave him a reassuring hug. 'I can't dear,' she said. 'I have to sleep in Daddy's room.' A long silence was broken at last by his shaky little voice; 'The big sissy.'… anonymous

alt alt alt

Katherine & Amber with our sweet patient, Annie T., ready to cheer on the Biloxi Indians. Goooooo Indians!!!!


Kylie Hungerford dressed for her Cotillion Induction

alt alt

The WINNER of our summer drawing is Taylor Ann!

WooooooHooooooo!!!! C O N G R AT S !!!

Andrea & Briggs striking a pose.


We were glad to have Megan spend the morning with us job shadowing. She is a 4th year dental student at the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry. She is interested in pursuing a career in orthodontics. We wish Megan good luck with her future endeavors.


Congrats to ABBY for getting her braces removed today!!


C O N G R A T S to Delena for getting her braces off today!!!


Hip hip hooray!!! Blake's braces were removed!! Congrats!



McKenna was the WINNER of our Christmas Drawing!! She won a Kindle Fire!! She is pictured with her sister, Zoe. Both are our patients. CONGRATS!!!


The WINNER of our PUMPKIN DRAWING CONTEST was Hannah D. She won a gift card!! CONGRATS to Hannah!!!


Happy Halloween 2012 ~ Katherine, Tricia, Andrea & Amber


Justin H. was the WINNER of our Summer Drawing. He won a gift certificate to Olive Garden! CONGRATS to Justin!!!


Keira Ingham was the WINNER of our Spring Drawing!!!

She won an iTunes gift card!!!
CONGRATS to Keira!!


This little fellow was scurrying around the front of our office. He stopped & smiled for a photo shoot & then headed off on his merry way.


Our patient, Dylan, having some fun while having his braces checked.


Stanley is an outdoor resident of Wakham & McMurphy Orthodontics. We all enjoy watching his antics through the treatment area windows. He sure is entertaining!


Happie Mardi Gras! Throw me something mister!!


Congrats to Mackenzie Miller! She is the winner of our Christmas drawing. She won a Kindle Fire! alt

Tricia (geaux Tigers) & Dawson (go Roll Tide) showing their support for the BCS National Championship teams. Tonight is the big game!!

alt alt

Cameron standing in front of our Saints swag showing off his Saints jersey. GEAUX SAINTS GEAUX!!!!


Jillian was the WINNER of our Ocean Springs office Summer Drawing. She won a gift card to Aeropostale. CONGRATS Jillien!!!


It's that time of the year....Flu Shot time!!


Dr. Wakham was the first one in line to receive his flu shot.


Andrea showing us her " big girl" face. LOL


Tricia trying to be brave but her "sissy" face is showing through. LOL


Trina showing us her "Yikes! I am soooooo scared" face.


And the "Drama Queen" award goes to .... drum roll please .... Danielle!!!

Happy Halloween 2011

This year the clinical assistants put on the ritz dressing up as 80's Prom Queens. They had so much fun playing remember when.


The candidates for 80's Prom Queen are Andrea, Tricia & Dani.


And the Queen is .... Tricia!!!

She was crowned 80's Prom Queen by Dr. Wakham, much to Andrea & Dani's dismay. LOL. We all had a good laugh.


Ann Marie presented Eva Katz with her Wakham Orthodontics Scholarship during Senior Awards Day at St. Martin High School ~ CONGRATS to Eva!


Congratulations to all of our 2011 SENIORS..

A special congrats to the following winners of a $500 WAKHAM ORTHODONTIC SCHOLARSHIP

Y. Cruz from Biloxi High School
R. Halet from Ocean Springs High School
E. Katz from St. Martin High School
C. Lawson from St. Patrick Catholic High School

Goooooo Seniors 2011

CONGRATS to you all

C O N G R A T S to P A T R I C K F.

Winner of an Olive Garden gift card!!

Our Spring Drawing winner is...

alt alt

B R E A N N A H. from St. Martin!!!

Wooooo-hooooo! Congrats Breanna!!

You won a Kindle!!!

While in our office, be sure to sign-up for our quarterly give-away drawing. You have a chance to win some really neat prizes.


Our office staff takes a CPR class every 2 years for re-certification. In the above photo, Andrea is performing CPR on an adult manaquin while Tricia & Trina look on. Take a look at more photos on our Facebook page.


Wishing you & yours a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!


We celebrated Halloween 2010 with our clinical assistants wearing BLT costumes & passing out Halloween toothbrushes & treats.

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